Award Winning Photography Experiences

Rich in history, abundant in magnificent scenery and celebrating some of the best culture in the world, Scotland is a small country which offers some of the worlds greatest experiences. From the tremendous landscape of the Scottish Highlands to the wild West Coast, to the quaint Scottish Borders and not forgetting its marvellously contrasting cities, Scotland offers something for everyone. Famed for its romantic and dramatic heritage, Scotland is a photographers’ paradise. Join a small group of enthusiastic photographers and explore Scotland’s natural beauty. 

Every Experience is tailored to your needs and will allow you to make new discoveries at your own pace. A Photo Walk Scotland Experience is like having a private tour with an old friend, who just happens to be a very knowledgeable local.

Along the way you will be gently encouraged to try new things and visit locations off the beaten track. There will be light hearted chats and belly laughs, discussions on Scottish history and debates on all things photography. You can have confidence in the knowledge that all photography advice, though expertly offered, is only forthcoming when you seek it.

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