Tommy Docherty
Gordon Nicol

In 2013, I decided to launch Photo Walk Scotland, combining three of my greatest passions; Scotland, history and photography. As far as Scotland goes, there is just so much diversity within such a small nation. Ancient historical sights side by side with the most modern architecture in our cosmopolitan cities. Countless sites of special scientific interest. The landscape of Scotland can be breath-taking. Magnificent jagged peaks rising from the sea; blinding white sandy beaches stretching into the distance; azure seascapes; dark forbidding lochs; bleak desolate moorlands… It is no wonder that this little patch of land of ours is regularly hailed as one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

I have to admit that I love everything about photography. The world becomes a very different place when you have a camera in hand. There are no longer any journeys from A to B. Every trip, no matter how short, becomes a recce for potential photographic locations. Great images are absolutely everywhere….you just have to take time and look for them. Above everything else, my aim is to help others get the most from their Scottish photography journey.

Photography for me is not about how fancy my camera is, it’s about the connections I make. It is about those special moments I have with people and the environment I find myself in. These wonderfully unique experiences are created every time I have a camera in my hand, any camera will do.

This is my passion. I want to create photographs that tell stories and show character; that capture light in fleeting moments and that encourages the viewer to explore further.  I take time to create these original and creative photographs and delight in sharing them with others.

I believe that photography is not about numbers, settings and precision; it is about being in the moment, observing and visualising. Taking time to look at your surroundings, seeing things that others miss, having a unique perspective and connecting with the location you find yourself in. For me this is photography and this is what I will share with you when you join us on a Photo Walk Scotland Experience.

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